The House System at Nagle College develops and nurtures a strong positive relationship between staff and students, and it underpins much of the College life. The system is manifested by a personal approach which is gentle yet firm and reasonable, involves mutual respect and a genuine concern for each person.

Upon entering the College, each student is allocated to one of seven Houses.

Nagle Houses

The Pastoral Care Network provides support and opportunities to students such as sport, community service, fundraising and personal and spiritual development. The Pastoral Teacher is charged with a special duty of care and is the first ‘port of call’ for parent or guardian contact regarding transfer of information and disciplinary matters. Additionally, the Pastoral Teacher may offer assistance to students on academic and welfare matters. Pastoral Teachers work in cooperation with the House and School Coordinators.

Overall, the Pastoral Care Network supports the Christian formation of all young people and helps each student live out the College motto "Luceat Lux Vestra : Let Your Light Shine".



'I came, I saw, I conquered'

St Teresa of Avila was a woman of prayer and contemplation who used her wisdom and gifts to guide people and leaders. She founded the Order of Discalced Carmelites of Nuns and personified the inclusiveness of all – part of the ethos of Nagle College.

Just as St Teresa of Avila used her wisdom and gifts to guide people and leaders, Avila House works to empower students as learners and active members of the wider community. The promotion of healthy relationships, unity, responsibility and learning are at the forefront as the Avila spirit is promoted in all that we do.

Our motto - 'I came, I saw, I conquered' - is something that St Teresa achieved through prayer and her relationship with God.


'As One We Have No Fear'

Our patron is St John Bosco (also known as Don Bosco) who was a creative and dynamic educator, particularly of young people who were not given opportunities to study and learn. St John Bosco founded the Salesian Order of priests and nuns. Don Bosco believed that, as a school, we should ignite the spark that, with a little kindness and encouragement, would fan into a flame.

Our motto - 'As One We Have No Fear' - reminds us of the importance St John Bosco placed on relationships with people and that together we can do great things.


'With Confidence'

Our patron is Caroline Chisholm, a woman who dedicated her life to the care of migrant people, particularly women, coming to Australia.

The Chisholm motto "With Confidence" highlights Caroline Chisholm's faith and confidence that much good can be achieved when helping others. Chisholm staff and students strive to live out this motto in everything they do, whether it be on the sporting field, in the classroom, or with the many community events that take place within and outside the school.


‘Together As One’

Our patron, St Mary MacKillop of the Cross, gave her life to the care and education of poor and isolated Australian families. She founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart (the Josephite Order) and is Australia's first saint. St Mary MacKillop of the Cross, embodied the inclusiveness of all which is part of the ethos of Nagle College.

Our motto – ‘Together As One’ – highlights MacKillop House’s spirit of connectedness and unity, with all working towards a common goal.


'Second to None'

Our patron is Blessed John Henry Newman, a man who was instrumental in the founding of the Catholic University in Ireland which evolved into University College in Dublin – the largest university in Ireland. He was a scholar and leader of the church who gave instruction and led social action. John Newman was beatified in 2010.

Our motto - 'Second to None' – encourages us to always be the best we can be and to use our unique gifts creatively.


'Sursum Corda' (Lift up Your Hearts)

Our patron is John Bede Polding, who was the first Australian Bishop. John Polding travelled widely and worked tirelessly for the good of the church and its people. He became Archbishop of Sydney in 1842.

Our motto “Sursum Corda" (Lift up Your Hearts) sits well within our values where everyone, from all walks of life, is treated equally with respect and dignity. Polding House represents part of a big ‘playground’, an environment where education of the total person is fostered and individuals feel safe and can work confidently toward achieving personal and team goals in their lives after Nagle.


'Seize the Day'

Our patron is St Francis Xavier who was a co-founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). St Francis led an extensive mission into Asia, spreading the message of Jesus to the newly discovered nations and peoples of the east. In light of the example set by our patron, Xavier encourages students to respect themselves and others, to always do the Right thing and to take the risk and participate in all aspects of College life. We refer to these as the Xavier 3 Rs.

Our motto - 'Seize the Day' - reminds us that each day is special, given to us to live well and to the best of our abilities.

House Shields

Nagle students have great pride in their House, which lasts long after they graduate. As a result, there is strong competition within the Houses with students vying to gain points in the many activities, events or competitions that are held throughout the year. These events are colourful, exciting, and competitive. They are undertaken in a great spirit of unity and celebration. Participation in these events contributes to one of four minor shields, and ultimately, the Champion House shield. All shields are presented during our annual Presentation Ceremony.

The Academic Shield is based on students’ academic performance in Semesters 1 and 2. It includes the performance by students who participate in internal and external academic competitions throughout the year. Year 12 ATAR scores are also included in the points calculations. This Shield contributes 25% of the points towards the overall Champion House Shield.

The Sports Shield is based on students' performance and participation in the Swimming Carnival, Triathlon, Athletics Carnival and Cross Country Carnival. A number of other House sports events are also included in the points calculations. This Shield contributes 25% of the points towards the overall Champion House Shield.

The Community Shield is based on students' involvement in the extra-curricula life of the College. This includes participation in College service and community activities, musical and theatrical productions, involvement in liturgical celebrations, youth events and major College functions. This Shield contributes 25% of the points towards the overall Champion House Shield.

The Artistic/Creative Shield is based on students' performance in visual and performing arts competitions in Semesters 1 and 2. Talent Night, other competitions are major contributors of points for the shield. This Shield contributes 25% of the points towards the overall Champion House Shield.

The Champion House Shield is awarded to the House with the highest number of points across all four of the Shields.