Nagle College students have access to the Ministry of Transport school buses, which cover a large part of East Gippsland. The Area Bus Coordinator manages these buses. They are responsible for processing bus applications and advising us of the arrangements for your child’s bus travel.

If you live within the town boundaries, a town bus (pay-per-use) service is available. Ministry of Transport school buses are not available.

We provide conveyance buses for Wy Yung and Eastwood area families at no charge. A bus from Orbost is also provided (fees apply).

Full details on school buses, eligibility, timetables and application forms are available as downloads.

General Bus Information (all buses)

Application Form (Ministry of Transport Buses)

Conveyance Form (Eastwood, Wy Yung and Orbost Buses)

Town Bus timetable

Eastwood Bus Timetable 1

Eastwood Bus Timetable 2

Wy Yung Bus Timetable

Orbost Bus Timetable