Faith formation occurs at Nagle College through both the religious life of the school and through the Religious Education Curriculum. Our mission to bring the Good News of Je​sus to all is an ongoing mission and is one that involves each member of our community: staff, students, parents and parishioners. We proclaim the Good News through living out the Gospel teachings and by listening to and reflecting upon the Word of God and allowing it to change our heart by engaging with the world as Jesus did.

We offer the opportunity to all students and their families to hear and experience Christ’s message of love, hope and service.

Religious Education Curriculum

Religious Education is a learning area within the formal curriculum that aims to nurture and enrich the religious and spiritual development of students through prayer, liturgy and social justice activities.

Learning and teaching is organised in a way that seeks to empower learners to respond with openness to opportunities for transformation, to “see, judge and act”, and to contribute to the common good.

The Religious Education Curriculum is developed by the Diocese of Sale, ‘To Live in Christ Jesus’ and is mandated for all students from Years 7 to 12. While Religious Education teachers give explicit Christian witness to and invite students into engaged learning about the Christian message, we do not presuppose faith in our students. Teachers simply invite students to consider the religious dimensions of reality, foster an understanding of the biblical narratives, the insights and challenges of the Gospel and provide an experience of and reflection on the Christian worldview as it is expressed in Catholic Tradition.

Using a wide range of learning and teaching strategies, and being aware of and informed by personal experiences, religious education teachers encourage students to reflect on self, the world, the environment and God.

Alongside our Religious Education Curriculum, Prayer and Liturgy form an integral part of College life. Prayer and liturgy provide an opportunity for expression of faith, reflection on life, service, and spirituality.

"I like how we talk about respect, gratitude and God in a way that is relatable and relevant to us."

Year 12 student reflecting on retreat


Integral to the overall spiritual development for students is the participation in Retreat Programs. Year 9 and 10 students participate in a one day program that provides opportunities for self-reflection and enriched goal-setting experiences. The Year 11 students participate in a one day retreat off-campus and Year 12 Retreat spend three days in school camp environment. The Retreat days are an opportunity for the students to enhance their reflective capacity, challenge and explore aspects of their personal life and faith.